What we do

Kick Start Movements is a unique physical and nutritional and programme for kids aged 2 to 7 delivered through schools and creches in Ireland. Each 35 minute class uses our three step model covering movement, socialisation and nutrition to help kids boosts confidence and self-esteem. KSM is a fun based activity programme that focuses on the development of children’s gross motor skills; throwing, jumping, catching, balance, hopping and coordination through active games. Through our use of dolls from the characters in our logo, we education children about the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables to help them become aware of the importance of healthy diet. Kick Start Movements is an innovative way to encourage physical activity, healthy food awareness and social interaction in children.
"Children thrive in this fun and educational environment"

What Makes KSM different?

We are different because at the end of each term, we have one to one feedback sessions with each of our parents and provide a report on how the kids are doing, how they have progressed and what they might need to work on. We also provide parents with food and skills progression sheets which can be used as a fun way to keep their child moving and eating healthily.

Our 3 step model!

Step 1 - Movement

  • Develop their fundamental movements through activity
  • Help develop a child mentally and physically
  • Gain more control over their bodies
  • Get kids actively thinking by creating their own games collectively 

Step 2 - Social

  • Develop better social skills and confidence through activity 
  • Make connection between parent and child from practicing progress sheet
  • Being confident while exercising

Step 3 - Nutrition

  • Show the importance of getting their 5-A-Day
  • Encourage pre-schools to grow and taste foods in house
  • Checklist chart to do at home

What are the benefits of KSM?

Benefits for Kids:
  • Improves kids' strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination
  •  Develops sensible eating habits
  • Aids development of social skills
  • Builds confidence and self esteem
  • Helps develop children mentally and physically
  • Encourages creativity
 Benefits for Schools & Creches:
  • Boosts children's academic learning
  • Encourages kids to be involved in physical activity for life
  • Prepares kids for future sports activities
  • Fun activity for all kids in your creche
  • Supports primary schools' PE programme
  • Provides an after school opportunity for schools to help busy parents
 Benefits for Parent: 
  • Increases your child's personal fitness and motivation
  • Develops team work mentality
  • Helps reduce kids' stress and anxiety
  • Provides opportunities for goal settings
  • Outlet for your child's creativity and self expression
  • Keeping active helps prevent sickness and disease