FAQ section:

1) What is Kickstart Movements

  • Kickstart movements is a fun based activity program that focuses on the development of children's gross motor skills (throwing, jumping, catching, balance etc) through active games. KSM also incorporates basic nutritional advice to help a child become aware of the importance of a healthy diet. 

2) Who are the KSM coaches? 

  • Please see ‘Meet the Team’ for more information on our coaches. 

3) What age does my child need to be?

  • Typically aged between 3-7 
4) Are all the staff Garda vetted?
  • Yes, all of our staff are fully Garda vetted which allows our coaches to safely interact with your children. 
5) How can I contact KSM? 
  • Please see ‘Contact Us’ for more information. 
6) How long are the classes?
  • Each class is 35 minutes long.
7) How long is each term ?
  • Each term is 10 weeks long, and there are three terms per year. 
8) My child has additional needs. Can you accommodate them?
  • We strive to include and facilitate all children in our classes. We unfortunately cannot provide individual assistance but our coaches will always try to assist your children's needs and support them as best they can.
9) How many coaches are in a class?
  • Kickstart movements have a 1:12 ratio of coaches to kids, we will always have a minimum of two coaches per class. 
10) How do I see and get feedback on my child's progress?
  • At the start and end of each term we assess each child through our obstacle course, this information will be provided to each parent at the end of the term. 
 11) Where are you located?
  • Kickstart movements are currently providing classes to Montessori's/creches/schools in the greater Dublin area.
12) What happens if the weather is bad?
  • Kickstart movements is primarily an outdoor program, however if the weather is bad the model can be altered and the program can be done inside. 
13) What should my child wear?
  • As the program is primarily done outside, appropriate clothing and footwear for your child is recommended.